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Hi. My name is Anne. I am passionate about farming as a practice, and agriculture in general. I grew up on a farm in Mbeere, Embu County. Mbeere is a beautiful place. It’s semi-arid, yet relatively fertile and a wonderful place to experience life as a farmer. My parents are both farmers, and throughout my life, I experienced what the Kenyans who truly hold us up as an economy go through.

I was an active member of the 4-K Clubs of Kenya while in primary school, and the Young Farmers Clubs in secondary school. After attending graduating from Egerton University in 2007, I was briefly employed before I decided to venture into farming. After trying out several things, I eventually chose to become a watermelon farmer, which culminated in the publication of my watermelon farming guide, which you can download here.

I soon got into agricultural policy, becoming part of the team that developed the Kenya Youth in Agribusiness Strategy. I also  helped plan the South-South Ministerial Conference on Agriculture and Nutrition Data and the 4th Agritec Africa International Exhibition, which led to the creation of the Global Open Data on Agriculture And Nutrition (GODAN).

In 2007, I was honoured by H.E. Governor Martin Wambora – Embu County – who put me in charge of the agriculture department in his County Executive Committee. Here, I was involved in various farmer empowerment projects.

I was appointed by H.E. President Kenyatta to become the Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Cooperatives in January 2020, a position I have held to date. To see some of my notable achievements in these positions, visit this page.

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